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I’m more than comfortable being naked and I think it’s absurd when people have a problem with women breastfeeding in public (that’s you Claridge's.) I don’t stare at women changing in the gym, and I lived in Barcelona for long enough to see topless women on the beach as the norm.

It’s a great message, and one I’d love to see more celebrities and models adopt.If you don’t have enough pictures of you as a couple, then call a friend with a camera and try out some of these cute couple poses ideas for you to try with your man:1.Foreheads touching The trick to getting a good picture of you together is to make it intimate, but keep it clean!It’s why, for now, I still can’t bring myself to celebrate the nudity of Madonna, Knightley and Kardashian.To me, it is too similar to the sexual objectification of sexist adverts.

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