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Soon, Will Graham realizes that Hannibal has more devious plans for the students at Westerburg High.

Will he warn the other students of Hannibal's plot?

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Neither of them were exactly owned by the other; they were both mad dogs, and would have to be kept muzzled in the same cage- a couple of dangerous animals only somewhat tamed by the other's company.

He's notoriously difficult, unpredictable, and almost out of chances. He has worked there for three months and sold less than any other person there.

Will Graham is a brilliantly gifted parasapient trainer and researcher, who has a secret even those who've read his revolutionary papers and books don't know- he doesn't think parasapients are subhuman at all. His boss tells him to sell something by the end of the day or he may not have a job tomorrow.

They're parasapients, and varieties of them can be found in zoos and in the wilderness, working for police departments and on people's couches.

Hannibal Lecter was born on a wealthy estate, only to be shuffled from shelter to shelter until he ended up first intended for military use then retired early for use as a stud alpha in a government breeding program.

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