Dating pbc

A monk named Dionysius Exiguus calculated his own present year to be 525 ADAnd if you continue counting years from then you get our current year number.So, AD is now just a "Year Number" (every New Year we add 1), and it only roughly equals how many years ago that Jesus Christ was born."2000 AD" or "AD 2000"Should "AD" be written before or after the number?

"Here people don't like to be upfront and open about their opinions.

Some firms organise work teams by blood type to try to ensure office harmony.

And people going on a date or meeting someone for the first time are liable to be asked: "What is your blood group?

"At the interview for my first job they asked me about my blood type," said a man with blood group B, who wanted to identify himself only as Kouichi. "The president was the kind of person who couldn't take her drink and at one company party she got drunk. The preoccupation with blood ultimately dates back to theories of eugenics during the inter-war years.

One study compared the blood of people in Taiwan, who had rebelled against Japanese colonial rule, with the Ainu from Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, thought to be more peaceable.

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