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I really liked that.” He figured out early on—“like, day two”—that they were polar opposites, financially.“She was asking me what I had planned so we could arrange for a date, and she asked if I had to work a job.” At that point, Ryan had two jobs—a full-time one where he worked 40 hours during the week, and a part-time job during weekends.

Early in their relationship, they also argued about Libby’s work ethic.

It was what I imagine going to a foreign country would feel like, except that foreign country is their five bed/two bath cabin with a pool and hot tub, custom design, acres of land…

It was just weird to me.” Two years ago, Sarah and Phil were married at the Science Museum in St. While they both wanted a really small wedding of just close friends and family, Phil’s family pushed the couple to have a bigger event and offered to pay for it. I felt guilty accepting the help, but it was just pocket change to them,” she says.

We chatted with four couples on their experiences and shared the lessons they’ve learned from growing up with—or without—money, and how that affected their relationships with their loved ones.

Ryan, Reddit user morepantsroom, is a bank teller from Kansas City. Both in their late 20s, the couple met at Emporia State University through mutual friends, and started dating.

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