Dating netherlands

When you sit down together at a café or at a restaurant, he is sure to make polite conversation and even ask you all the right questions expected on a first date.On the whole, Dutch men make women feel safe and heard when with them.Long term partnership prospects The best part about dating a Dutch guy is that he is likely to prove long-term partner material.With this liberal attitude towards women as well as his innate decency and inbred courteous nature, he is likely to make an extremely supportive and understanding partner.However one consequence of the liberal Dutch culture is that you cannot be expected to be wined and dined by your partner every time.So when on a date, don’t forget to take your purse along since here it is only natural to “go Dutch”.Worst case scenario, you might raise the hackles of a Friesian separatist and then have to listen to him ranting about how Hollanders always take credit for the achievements of the entire country.Well-mannered Dutch men are known to be very polite to ladies and extremely well-mannered.

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He is most likely to have attended college and quite comfortable discussing a whole range of topics, starting from politics to the environment.He will listen intently to you and make polite enquiries but rarely get into an animated discussion.He does not believe in allowing his emotions get the better of him and thus is unlikely to be seen in an excitable state.In fact, as compared to many other European nations, Dutch society appears to give women and men a greater degree of choice as to how they want to live their lives.So you have women both working full-time and staying at home and largely happy with their decisions.

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