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Video () : The ambush robbery and murder of a 79-year-old Willmar church volunteer was plotted by her 17-year-old grandson, according to charges, which also detail how she was slashed with a 20-inch knife and strangled by a 19-year-old man while a third teenager acted as a lookout.– Robert Warwick and Brok Junkermeier were a familiar sight around town, a pair of teens with trouble in their pasts who often hung out together, sometimes outside the gas station where a former teammate worked.

But police say Robbie was the one who directed Junkermeier to his grandmother’s house and gave him the access code to her garage.An initial plan to rob Lila Warwick a week earlier was abandoned, police said, but early Monday morning, Junkermeier and Jenkins went to the Warwick home just outside town, where Junkermeier accosted her in the garage.Junkermeier was arrested Wednesday and gave police a statement confirming many details of the crime, repeating the account he had shared a day earlier with his friend.Warwick had been featured in a story in the West Central Tribune last year that described the students making quilts at his school, the Willmar Area Learning Center.He told the newspaper that the class, designed to improve students’ social skills and teach them about volunteering to help others, had taught him the value of “sticking through it even if you don’t like what you’re doing.” Nevarez, who quit dating Warwick four years ago, said they had remained in touch.

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