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Each councilman shall receive the sum of ten and no/100 dollars (.00) and the mayor the sum of fifteen and no/100 dollars (.00) for each meeting of the council; provided that neither the mayor nor any councilman shall receive pay for more than two meetings in any one month; and provide[d] further that neither the mayor nor any councilman shall receive pay for any meeting at which he/she was not present.

The qualified person receiving a majority of the qualified votes polled at such election shall thereupon be declared by the council to have been elected.

Such application shall clearly designate the position on the council to which the candidate seeks election and shall contain a sworn statement by the candidate that he/she is fully qualified under the laws of Texas and the provisions of this Charter to hold the office he/she seeks.

The returns of every municipal election shall be delivered forthwith by the election judges to the city secretary.

The council shall have the power to inquire into the official conduct of any department, agency, office, officer or employee of the city and for that purpose shall have the power to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses, compel the production of books, papers, and other evidence material to the inquiry.

The council shall provide by ordinance penalties for contempt for failure to obey any such subpoena or for failure to produce any such papers, books or other evidence and shall have the power to punish any such contempt in the manner provided by such ordinance.

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