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Email subscribers drive more traffic and revenue than social media users or search visitors.

And most importantly, for every dollar the average company invests in email marketing, it gets over in return.

In order to help get emails into the Primary box and condition subscribers to look for my emails, I will periodically ask questions in my emails and invite readers to hit “Reply” with their response.

Receiving regular replies to your mailing address verifies to Google that the recipients desire your mail and can give you a better chance of getting in their Primary inbox, which leads to more opens.

I’ve found that my non-business emails always have the most opens when I send them between 4-6am PST on Saturday mornings.

For business topics, I’ve found my results tend to mirror Smart Insights’ findings, as seen below: As you can see from the above chart, Saturday is supposed to be the worst day, but I’ve tested across every single day and found that Saturdays perform best by FAR more my particular audience. The easiest way to completely destroy your open rate is to send a bunch of low-value emails. The easiest way to improve your open rate is to only send emails people want to read.

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Email opens = Profits That’s really the bottom line.

I have signed up for a number of lists, and I’ll open a compelling headline from some of them if it pops up while I’m in my inbox.

But there are a few lists where I actively seek out the emails each week. Because every time that sender emails me, the content actively improves the way I do business.

Over the first few months, my skepticism seemed to be confirmed.

I didn’t notice any noticeable difference across my various emails.

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