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Can anyone help mei have a 1938 oliver 70 that i pull,i have over-hauled it several times,but the last problem i come across was--very little or no oil pressure.could not understand why..plasti-gauged the rod-bearings,added a different oil pump,and still i found a 15 16 plug just under the oli pressure line on the right side of the block and found this is where the pressure is regulated from.i cleaned it all up and added some more spring to it and wa-la,i have oil pressure,cant wait to pull.1-913-609-4473--cell How can I tell if the clutch is goin out I have no problem puting it in to any gear but it doesnt hardly move at all.

I was curious to know if I may be just missing something simple or if there is a clutch adjustment that I could make It runs great but has no power in any gear. I need these parts where can i find them or does any one have any of theses parts.

I have found a 1/16th model Farmall B but wondering if anyone has ever come across model attachments.

Thanks Wanting to sell a 1947 Oliver 60 gasoline row crop. I need help Not sure how many implements there are to go with it, but need to know what it is worth.Yes is does run.. thanks We just bought a International Harvester tractor and believe it is a 1937 with a narrow front end.

I grew up on a cotton farm in Green Lake, Texas and Daddy bought a new MM in 1953 or 1954. I would love to identify the model and find and restore one. I will never forget pushing the lever to the gas side, starting it up, and letting it run a bit.

I spent many years working the tractor but can t remember the model. When I pulled the lever back and heard the unmistakable crack of that Diesel take off, I was in love! My Massey Harris model #81S built in 1946 needs some help.

We are new to this but after attending a few antique tractor pulls my husband and I fell in love so this is our new project. I was doing some metal detecting at a old homestead and found a badge of some sort. the one thing I cannot remember is what weightoil to use int the lower end of the injestion pump. at one time, my father cranked it every week or so and it purred real good.

My cousin, thought that it didn t have antifreeze and drained it one night without telling my dad.

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