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Most of stories converted to sex video stories format (our tube updates automatically, few times per day! Featuring new REAL-Time stories, read erotic tales immediately as they submitted! During the second phase of childbirth, the levator ani muscles and/or the pudendal nerve are at high risk of damage.

Prolapse of the pelvic viscera (such as the bladder and vagina) can occur if there is trauma to the pelvic floor or if the muscle fibres have poor tone.Due to their role in supporting the vagina, urethra and anal canal, injury to these muscles can lead to a number of problems.The primary problems include urinary stress incontinence and rectal incontinence.If the medial fibres of the puborectalis are torn within the perineal body, then rectal herniation can also occur. We have a collection of hot xxx flash games and adult hentai games.

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