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for the Davistown Museum are artifacts dating prior to the European settlement of North America.The history of the Ancient Dominions of Maine is the history of two cultures, the Native Americans who lived in Maine before 1600 and the Europeans who gradually cleared the landscape of these first inhabitants after 1600.An Archaeology of Tools Table of Contents Preface to the collection Historical Background Exhibition Overview Inventory Key -- A guide to Abbreviations Collection Catalogs Historic Maritime I (1607-1676): The First Colonial Dominion (pdf) Historic Maritime II (1720-1800): The Second Colonial Dominion & the Early Republic (pdf) Historic Maritime III (1800-1840): Boomtown Years & the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution (pdf) Historic Maritime IV (1840-1865): The Early Industrial Revolution (pdf) The Industrial Revolution (1865f.): Classic Period of American Machinist's Tools (pdf) Other Factory Made Tools (pdf) Other Collections Special Collections--Modern Tools or Tools of Special Significance: Davistown Museum School Loan Program (pdf) German Steel Tools made from Rasps or Files (pdf) Interactive Displays (pdf) Tool Exam (pdf) Unknown Maker's Marks (pdf) Tools Sent in for Identification and Unidentified Tools Catalog of Maine Tools Tools of Historic Interest not in the Museum Collection Registry of Maine Tool Museums Art of the Edge Tool Exhibit Part I and Part II The Davistown Museum has produced a number of publications both in print and electronic form on the subjects of tools, art, and history.Below are links to the online versions of the texts.The club shall also practice and select a team to compete at intercollegiate competitions.The Woodsmen Team competes intercollegiately against schools such as Finger Lakes CC, SUNY ESF, Cobleskill, Paul Smith's College, Ranger School, Penn State, and West Virginia University.Multi-functional, innovative and inspiring, with endless possibilities to create a natural environment indoors.

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Like benefits you can use now and the feeling your choice makes a difference in your community.The Woodsmen’s Field Days, a nonprofit organization, was founded by the Rev. Due to the support of its many volunteers, (nearly 400) the Field Days have evolved into one of the predominant lumberjack contests in the United States today.Contestants come from as far away as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to compete in the lumberjack festivities, which are held the third weekend in August.One-Year Warranty: Merowings products are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment.This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or use & abuse.

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