Dating for dorks

Mac Kenzie and Jessica are both fashion snobs, being rich and popular.Jessica is a part of the CCP (Cute, Cool and Popular) clique.

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Despite being one of the most popular girl at school.Whenever she’s over for dinner, it gets SUPER awkward!!! I really don’t want the other kids in my class finding out. Plenty of kids have to go through discomfort when a parent starts dating someone new.It would be SO humiliating, and I’d NEVER hear the end of it. Dad Dating Disaster Hey Dad Dating Disaster, Oh wow! And others feel uncomfortable when they encounter a teacher in a non-school situation.Jessica was a former CCP leader at Westchester Country Day and Mac Kenzie's best friend. Her last name Was revealed in How to Dork Your Diary.She doesn't like Nikki revealed in Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life, Nikki opened an invitation that was supposed to be Jessica's, even though Nikki didn't even know her at the time and did it by accident.

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