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Back to top The Promotions tab lets you create promotions that appear at the top of the results page and define search terms for triggering the results.For example, if you want users who are searching for "cool stuff" to discover your latest widget, you can create a promotion result that would show a link to the webpage about the widget.The search engines do not have to be related to each other.

If you create synonyms for "food" in your search engine, your users would not need to type multiple variants to find information they are seeking.When you created your search engine, two sets of code were generated: The more advanced sections of the developer's guide will walk you through the CSE XML. If you are curious about the code for your search engine, you can go to the control panel and click the Advanced tab.The next section tells you about the control panel and all the tabs.This section describes the following tabs in the control panel: Back to top The Basics tab let you define public information and general themes about your search engine.The public information is displayed in your custom search engine homepage.

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