Dating find matches personals site benefits of dating an older woman

I had been on so many dates, I could instantly tell who was going to be a potential issue and who was just going to disappoint me.

e Harmony Profile With lowered expectations in mind (let’s face it, I’m a glass is half empty kinda gal) I registered and began filling out my personal info.

As such I steered clear of sites that promised they would find me the love of my life.

I didn’t even know who I was at that point in time, how on earth would I be able to find my soulmate?

I have heard others say that if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one month, then you should look elsewhere.

By now I was in my early 30’s and knew what I did – and more importantly “did not” – want in a relationship partner.I also am a hopeless romantic, throwing caution to the wind and giving anyone a chance.When it comes to looks in a guy – I’m somewhat forgiving. Let’s face it, I’m 30 and not getting any younger – so if a guy has a small beer belly and whatever else – I can make an exception. If the first picture on your e Harmony dating profile is you with your shirt off – next!It took their system a few seconds to process and it gave me the option of viewing my matches or seeing my personality profile.“Screw the matches, I want to see what they think about me” was my only thought.

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