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I've had some difficult moments, but overall, not really so rough to do this.

Whether you are trying to conceive on your own or undergoing fertility treatment the two week wait can seem like an eternity.

Additionally, patients who undergo IVF, donor egg or frozen embryo transfers may also be prescribed estrogen supplements to help thicken and maintain the uterine lining.

Please do not stop taking these medications until you have been advised by the medical staff to do so.

Progesterone supplements are given so women may produce the same levels of hormones that would occur in early stages of pregnancy.

While most patients will supplement their progesterone via vaginal insert, patients who are using donor egg or frozen embryos will use the injectible form of progesterone for their cycles.

A: We tell all of our patients who have had an embryo transfer to be cautious during their first five days after their treatment.

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Your body has been through a lot and the medications you have taken are designed to promote the optimal environment for pregnancy.

I'm still hoping to better understand weight maintenance.

Over and over again I've read that it's nearly impossible to keep lost weight off, which is kind of demoralizing, and sort of makes one want to just give up.

A: No special diet is required during the two week wait, but we recommend that you start making nutritional choices as if you are already pregnant.

This means eating well balanced meals, no sushi or other raw or undercooked meats, avoiding high-mercury fish, soft cheeses, no alcohol, and continuing to take prenatal vitamins.

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