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The following year, Ken looked Valerie up while in Scotland with the school.He immediately proposed to her and she accepted, with Ken doing his best to alleviate her worry that he was looking for a mother figure to replace Ida. Mary's Parish Church on 4th August 1962, and took their honeymoon in London, which Ken paid for by selling his motorcycle.Ken didn't want to move, and when Valerie responded by making his life a little less comfortable, he accused her of having an affair with builder Ray Langton.Val was innocent, and made him feel guilty by reminding him of an affair he had with Jackie Marsh in 1966.In the early 1960s, she was close to her uncle Albert Tatlock and sometimes visited him at his home in Coronation Street in Weatherfield.

In 1971, the Barlows decided to emigrate to Jamaica as Ken had accepted a teaching job there.

Ken and Dave put their careers in jeopardy by agreeing to give a TV interview arguing for a school crossing after a pupil was knocked down in Bessie Street.

Dave pulled out, leaving Ken to carry the interview alone, leading to Ken losing out on a promotion at the school.

Dave, who blamed himself for the child being hit, was comforted by Valerie.

As Ken despaired about losing the promotion, he told Valerie that they shouldn't have got married as she didn't really understand him and how much his values meant to him.

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