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You may be able to find travel meetups and presentations in your local community, perhaps through a church or community center. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

If you are mainly interested in meeting people who enjoy travel or getting travel information, you may be able to do so without paying money to join a club.

Some senior travel clubs exist for the sole purpose of organizing trips for members. This type of senior travel club would be a good fit for someone who is looking for inspiration, new friends or potential travel companions.

For seniors who are not interested in solo travel, joining a travel club can help them find interesting trips to take. Members are invited to attend monthly or quarterly meetings, which may involve social time and, possibly, a presentation from a member or a travel professional.

Before you decide to join a senior travel club, take a few minutes to find out which type of travel club you are considering.

A few travel clubs charge an initiation fee and annual dues.

In some cases, scammers offer free airfare or hotel stays, often by postcard or at a “travel seminar,” but require you to pay a reservation fee in advance.

When you try to book a trip, your dates are never available, and the scammer keeps your fee payment.

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You can find women-only, high adventure and other themed tours quite easily, either through a travel agent or online.

Train enthusiasts can also join travel clubs just for them.

If your interests lie elsewhere, you will probably be able to find a travel club with like-minded members, such as a travel club for seniors who enjoy outdoor adventure.

Find others travelling to the same destination, collect virtual stamps and share photos with friends as you go!

Whether you're travelling solo or in a group, Backpackr is a great way to meet nearby travellers.

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