Dating coming on too strong

Especially after a couple glasses of wine or the euphoria of being in love.We can act out of impulse and send him that dreaded text at 5 a.m. I had fun last night, I can’t wait to hear from you later.” Where did the self-discipline go?Asking too many questions in one email is usually a negative on just about all levels.Emails are not meant to be novels and you are not William Shakespeare.The next time you are with a guy you like, try taking your time with him, check in with what you believe about yourself and let go of the outcome.Choose to notice the good you have to offer and leave your psycho chick behavior at the back door.I don’t want to be seen looking desperate or needy; am I chasing the good men away? Lauren was stuck in her romantic rut and shared a common problem that a lot of women experience. You must think I can have the guy I want, I am attractive and I enjoy myself. Another subtle way you might be chasing men away is what you do when a man plans a date with you.

” So we get very enthusiastic about the outcome, and then we end up thinking every guy we meet is the one.

A better approach is to see every guy as an opportunity to practice your new dating skills and focus on becoming that wonderful lady no man could refuse.

A classic mistake women can make is obsessing about what he is thinks of her and if he wants her. When you obsess you will start to act out in ways that will scare guys away like getting jealous, creating drama over something minor and questioning his words and behavior. Try to leave your psycho behind and focus on what you can offer to him and the relationship; this will switch your thinking from psycho girl to dream girl. If you are asking the question, “Am I coming on too strong or chasing men away? This behavior stems from a deeper root of insecurity, thinking negative about yourself and not believing you can find love with a guy you like.

There are guys that I am really into and then there are the guys I am not so into.

When I am with the guys I am not into I have no problem getting them to ask for my number or wanting to be with me, but the problem is “I am just not that into him.” When I meet a guy I like, I don’t know how to behave in his company, I don’t know what to do, so I pretend I am not that into him. Your ability to attract the guy you want has a lot to do with what you believe about yourself.

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