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Also, look to join Outsiders, which I set up a number of years ago to enable disabled people to meet and support each other.We have regular meetups across the UK, as well as online chat groups. Of course, meeting somewhere accessible for you is key.There are erogenous zones in the earlobes and on the nape of the neck, so a head massage is a great way to feel stimulated. Have you considered sex or foreplay in your chair, or even your hoist?What about having your partner laid on the bed while you stay in your chair pleasuring them?Or how about asking them to help you get ready for sex one night, instead of a PA? If it’s not easy for you to get in and out of bed, make sure you do what you need to before you get settled, such as going to the toilet or brushing your teeth. Are there erotic novels or films that you could watch or read together? Problems you may encounter and how to overcome them Pressure sores As a wheelchair user, getting these in intimate places can be something you sometimes experience. Ensure you have comfortable cushions in your chair and that your feet are supported on a footrest so that your wright is shared. Some people don’t even try to find a lover or partner because of it. It is really important to talk to your continence nurse about what options there are for you.Plan in time to do this and who will help you – your PA or partner. If you’ll need positioning in bed, talk about how would be best to do this. If you get a sore, make sure it’s properly tended to and dressed to help minimise it. It might be that having a suprapubic catheter enables your life to become far more fulfilling.If they seem curious, encourage them to ask questions.

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Make sure your date knows about it beforehand though. Depending on who your date is or how you met, make sure talking about your chair isn’t a difficult subject.

If you’re unable to masturbate, you might be able to reach orgasm with a vibrating snake wrapped around your penis or vibrating pants if you’re female – see my ultimate guide to sex toys for disabled people to find one that will suit you best.

London is simply enormous, with a population of well over 8 million.

It opens up a whole new world of people (literally), whether you’re disabled or not.

There a huge number of disabled dating sites, including ones specifically for wheelchair users, such as Wheelchair Dating Club and Wheelchair Dating.

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