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i haven’t been to work in 3 days because of this issue. Reply I worked at burger king in troy il in 2016 and Havnt gotten my wd2 I was told it would get sent to my last job at IHOP in glen carbon il. ” First and foremost I am the customer and whatever adjustment needed to be done, should have been done without an attitude. After the manager sent the group text we tried contacting her after replying to it that no she didn’t make said comment and that I have black people in my family; but she wouldn’t answer.

I don’t work at IHOP no more if you would send it to my address in edwardsville il. I tried to place an order for breakfast for our Habitat for Humanity Construction Volunteers (about 30 folks) while we were building our 105th House in Southern Brazoria County in Texas. When I pulled up to the window she continuously to shake her head in either disbelief or disgust because she had to do a refund and re-ring in which she thought I needed to know that, again I am the customer.. So another call to corporate to tell them we wanted to talk with someone else due to the manager’s statement and reluctance to answer or return a call concerning her statement.

Today, Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. I could only see 2 numbers “50” So I called the store, it rang for over 20 rings. Someone answered and told me the number to the store was 1050. Reply I could not agree more I just went thru the DT ate a BK in CR iowa I wanted them to put extra salt on my fries.

There are over 15,000 restaurants in 100 countries. Well I knew this could not be right because the first numbers on my ticket are not covered and it is starting with the number “50” . And if you want people’s feedback, why are your workers NOT informed where to place the stickers ? Get where you have top people that can talk to the customers. ” well we can give u salt packets so u can salt them yourselves.

oh an earlier during the week i quote what the GM told me “don’t make me have to f**k your s**t up” over a uniform. I asked for my money back and was told that she would credit me with the next time I came in. I guess everyone has a Burger King nightmare story I WILL NOT GO TO A BURGER KING AGAIN! i said no the bacon double rodeo cheese burger he said sorry we don’t have that i said this is burger king i get it my way it’s a bacon double cheese burger rodeo style he said so add bbq sauce i said yes and onion rings so he charged me for a small onion ring i said no i don’t want that i want three onion rings on the burger like a rodeo burger he said he couldn’t do that i said this ain’t Mc Donald’s and I’m not lovin it this is burger king i get it my way he said he was the night manager and i was being rude and he refused to serve me so it’s safe to say that, burger king lost my business forever and i just might start some bad press on that place and to think about it he is in the costumer service and satisfaction type of work he should of sucked it up and made the sale but instead of burger king giving it to me my way i get the reality that burger kings slogan have it your way is a false advertising i wonder if i could sue for that I’m going to look into it Reply hi just wanted to let you know went through drive thru [337 terry lane crescent springs ky] they did not give me my large fries are ranch dressing for my 2 kids chicken nuggets are recipt called and they said they put me on list for the large fries i mean come on at least replace the meal Reply This morning I went to the Burger King at 2328 S. What was said was that the employee that spit in the burger was working drive-thru and had a gold tooth.

i haven’t been paid yet so i dont have the money for razors or jeans. i’ve been wearing a black under armor shirt because the 3XL has been causing a irritated raw spot on the side of my rib cage. expect to hear back from some from corporate or someone that has more power over the GM so you an i can sit down an have a chat, an we can work something out. Michigan Ave in Chicago, in the drive thru I ordered 2 croisanwich, 2 hashbrowns and 2 OJ and after that I informed the employee that I had a coupon she screamed through the intercom with an attitude “you got a coupon! It was the manager that brought up that the employee that took the order and the one that spit in the burger are black and the manager I dealt with last night was white.

Wouldn’t you agree with me, that this is unbelivable as it is your main product which is advertised on TV, the news papers, magazines, etc. We had no emergency situation or Storm that would excuse and late deliveries. Bernhard Clever Reply The exterior of the BK in Westborough, MA 01581 is a disgrace! In this manner I saw her moving pickles aside and lean her face over it to further hide she was spitting on the burger.It makes every morning a pleasure to stop by before going to work. Reply NO one in my family will ever go into a BK again. At the restaurant where I ordered the whopper and pointed out how the buns were touching and then I pointed at the picture on the flyer, the girl said to me, you can’t expect your whopper to look like the picture! Next as my fiancee unwrapped our whoppers to check they were made to order while I attended to our daughter only to find of course my burger wasn’t made correctly as is usually the case for my orders.They refuse to serve Police Officers in Louisiana, Look it up. This franchise should have it’s Franchise pulled and closed. She took the burger back up and asked for it to be remade and I took her place to wait so she could eat her meal while it was still hot.Bill Walker 651-452-XXXX Reply i’m actually a current employee for burger king. Wanting a hot lunch, I went to the Burger King on Hartford avenue in Johnston, Rhode Island. I said to her “I gave you .00 so you should have only ran my card for $.77 to which the cashier/MANAGER just looked at me out of confusion and turned around and continued bagging orders. Now Today after being in contact with corporate and the store manager today I feel that not only have I lost my patience with that location but with the company itself loosing my favorite fast food burger restaurant in the process after their response to the situation.since my GM doesn’t know any numbers for me to get ahold of anyone an i couldn’t find the human resource number. I understand that things were difficult for everyone but this takes the cake. This really made for a frustrating morning because I don’t understand how this person whose name tag was not on was able to become a manager and she does not know how to count/or recognize money. Corporate response was unconcerned and call center employees were though not rude it still was plain unhelpful. Knowing the employee right off from the mention of a gold tooth ( Their name tags were covered with black tape and we were refused names when we requested them.) asking for us to text the picture to her and even seemingly trying to assure us the issue would be remedied by them along with the district manager.

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