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Daters exchange smelly worn t-shirts, and chose matches based purely on the smell of the shirts.

For (a pittance when you are considering the possibility of true love and/or dying alone) daters receive a t-shirt in the mail, along with instructions to wear it for three days.

Oh My Ghostess was the first drama i had watched but ere i didnt even recogonised you well. Sometimes i just feel like i wish i coukd meet you and minmin in realityyy(hope so) I would be more grateful if you and minmin could again play a role in a new drama till then take a good care❤ lovv yaaa❤ just finish watching "strong girl boong -soon".. Speaking of her voice and reactions, they're so adorable. I started watching the series Strong Woman Do Bong and just finished the complete series and I really liked it. I'm looking forward to watching the series Oh My Ghost. I wish to see you with parkhyungsik in other(drama or movie) .

I was all about thinking about you and after watching strong women do bong soon i came to recogonised you easily? please please please please i never watch her acting before.

Well,she's really cute there and tbh i didnt notice she played in oh my ghost! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is my favorite korean drama of all time. It brought us laughter, showed us love, and entertained us from beginning till end! ♥ ♥ ♥ i love her so the most in and out beauty actress...fake, honest, pure and humble...always respect people and fans..i wish her success in career and most of all will get true soulmate who really love her.. -love from Morocco I know I fall for you since the very first movie, Hot Young Bloods. The producers of Oh My Ghost did the right thing by pairing her with Jo Jung Suk. Every act in Oh My Ghost seems so real, like a real couple.. I liked it but wouldn't watch it again like a 8/10 thing. I totally enjoyed watching all of your dramas, especially in 'Oh My Ghostess'. After watching A Werewolf Boy, I started searching for your other movies and as I browse, I found Oh my ghostess.

Didn't the stylist know that we're waiting for long time just to see your come out with a special appearance not only in dramas/movies? Dearest Park Bo-young❤ Morningg❤ I am die hard fan of yours and i must say that you and minmin are just goals? she has a very beautiful glowing eyes hope to see more of her soon..i also love the 2 handsome guys from that movie a reason that keep me up till 2 am... I just finished "Strong Girl Bong-soon" and it is absolutely my favorite kdrama so far! She was so amazing on the crying scenes, and her expressions were so realistic. really love this actress she is pretty funny and also very talented i want to see more of her in the screen in the future since I have watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I've watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 445 times and am still rewatching it .

The "Hwarang" star also made sure to request for a blanket so that Park Bo Young could cover her legs since she was wearing a skirt.The daughter of Little Bo Peep, made famous by the nursery rhyme, has joined the other students at Ever After High!She must be tired of wearing the same costume for so long, see if you can pop it up and make it more modern!The actor said that he felt that he would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to work with the "Oh My Ghost" actress.For her part, Park Bo Young admitted that she has had her eye on Park Hyung Sik since his ZE: A days.

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