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The term cold-blooded denotes that a creature's internal temperature is determined by its environment (in contrast to warm-blooded creatures, whose bodies maintain an internal temperature independent of their environment). A tetrapod is a creature with four limbs; a limb is a jointed appendage that extends from an animal's body. 52 - "Hand tool: smelting", Encyclopedia Britannica.

One day, a species of Sub-Saharan tree-dwelling mammal returned to a ground-based life, leaving the forests behind for open grassland. A SECONDARY school in Christchurch has been rated as ‘inadequate’ by the education watchdog.The Grange School in Somerford, was criticised in the Ofsted report for the “poor” behaviour and attendance of its students.This animal subsequently evolved to walk upright (rather than on all fours), allowing it to see much farther across the plains. (Animals that walk upright are referred to as bipedal.) When these bipedal mammals started to develop larger brains, they evolved into a remarkable new creature: human.

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