Dating at work

Do you keep things under wraps, or inform someone else above the two of you (or HR)?What do you do if you start out on the same level but one of you gets promoted? Will you both be cool, or will one of you get vindictive?Poll just about any office, and you’re likely to hear at least one story (if not more) of workplace dating that went awry.What’s worse, the fallout from these failed office romances can be far more brutal than a run-of-the-mill relationship.People who are drawn to the same employer often have common interests and a similar outlook on life.

She spent the semester there, and was then offered an ongoing internship at the firm.

So if workplace dating is such a bad idea, why do employees keep doing it?

Is it because the stress of working together creates a unique bond between people?

Women were more likely to date up (35 percent of women; 23 percent of men).

Whether it's a boss or a colleague, bringing dating into your professional world elicits dynamics far beyond just getting caught making out in a conference room.

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