Dating angry child

Because women invest a lot more than men when it comes to gestation and child rearing, naturally (so goes the reasoning) when it comes to online dating, women will be looking for long-term romance, and men, not so much.

But what if (biological) sex isn’t the only determining factor?

Future research will have to replicate or refute these findings and further investigate important factors, including gender identity, shifting sexual norms, and in-person dating motivations.

Other questions spring to mind: What if men have a higher rate of unrestricted sociosexual orientation underlying greater motivations for casual sex?

Next time you think about going on a date, try this experiment: Instead of making assumptions about what the other person wants as a function of their sex, ponder sociosexual orientation — and maybe even bring it up in conversation.

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According to Hallam, De Backer, Fisher, and Walrave (2018), the data from prior research is clear.Wouldn't it be interesting if sociosexual orientation were the determining factor?Unrestricted women men are more likely to be looking for enduring, exclusive love.Perhaps many of the observed differences in mating are due to cultural factors and just assumed to be principally genetic?Other factors may be programmed into the genome, but we are only beginning to sort out what is what — and sex isn't either/or anymore. In order to look more deeply at an under-recognized yet crucial dimension of modern mating which may shape our increasingly online dating preferences, Hallam and colleagues repeated prior studies with an important twist.

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