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Items were personally curated to fit the aesthetic of any hardworking, yet stylish ranch lifestyle.Proceeds directly benefit the Angus Foundation and its mission of youth, education, and research. Due to their eating habits, manatees are nicknamed “sea cows” because they eat seagrasses and other aquatic plants.Manatees are protected under the Endangered Species Act and under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.The American Angus Association and its members are proud to offer comprehensive programs and services aimed at improving productivity and profitability in the commercial sector of the cattle industry.Continued education is central to driving progress within the beef cattle industry.During the summer manatees expand their range, and on rare occasions are seen as far north as Massachusetts on the Atlantic coast and as far west as Texas on the Gulf coast.

They can reach lengths of over 14 feet and weights of over 3,000 pounds. They have sparse hairs spread across their bodies, with bristles about the muzzle.Breeders rely on the comprehensive set of data to continue growing the nation’s quality beef supply.Calculators/Tables Accuracy & Possible Change Across-Breed EPDs Adjusted Weight Averages Age in Days Breed Averages Data Descriptions Genetic Trend Gestation Heritabilities & Genetic Correlations Optimal Milk Module Percentile Breakdown Angus Media provides unrivaled marketing opportunities for cattle producers with Association programs that allow breeders to set their calves apart from the crowd.Manatees live in marine, brackish, and freshwater systems in coastal and riverine areas throughout their range.Preferred habitats include areas near the shore featuring underwater vegetation like seagrass and eelgrass.

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