Dating a vintage hamilton watch

From its very first pocket watch - a 17-jewel beauty produced in 1893 - Hamilton branched out into several leading families including the Rectangular, the Oval, and the Coronado. Prior to the iconic release of Elvis Presley’s preferred watch, the Ventura, Hamilton was already under attack from a hostile takeover by Benrus - a Romanian-American watch company.Fast forward to the next decade, and the brand had acquiesced to the Buren Watch Company of Switzerland, before then switching to SSIH that later became known as Swatch Group.Then, as appetites switched from pocket watches to wristwatches, the label changed tack again - and its fortunes were just as handsome.During the second World War, Hamilton redesigned several models to suit military needs, and sidelined watches for the everyman altogether. Since then, Hamilton became a respected brand in its own right, the label offered sheer practicality from its production complex in Lancaster.Like all good watches, Hamilton is based in the postcard setting of Switzerland. Not quite the Jura, but not a locale to be sniffed at either.

And just like the king himself, the Hamilton reigns on.

Shop Hamilton Pan Europ Watches Now Never forget your roots: an adage Hamilton knows all too well.

The Railroad collection, arguably the watch that shot the brand to fame in 1892, is just as exemplary in the 21st century.

From the off, Hamilton was set to be a sizeable offering, and took its name from Andrew Hamilton, a Scottish lawyer that founded the good town of Lancaster. As America began to develop its rail networks, Hamilton reaped the benefits, maintaining over 56% of the watch market as workers and execs enjoyed Hamilton fare in equal measure.

By producing pieces that specifically catered to the railroad, the label found its niche, and was able to acquire the Illinois Watch Company for a figure totalling million to build Hamilton further as a serious horological contender.

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