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And, since I would not have been emotionally invested, I would have gladly waved goodbye. Send them happily off to their next person and clear the decks for your RIGHT person.Try being a little difficult and see what he/she does with it. If you are quick to explain away your date calling his ex “evil” or saying his boss was “out to get him," you are sending signals that you are okay with him blaming others for his mistakes.Yes—we all make mistakes but when someone refuses to take responsibility for his role in the event , you’re risking your own happiness and well-being down the line because soon he’ll start blaming you when things don’t go well.Of course, we all want the guy we’re dating to be happy, but if it comes at the expense of your own well being, it’s unhealthy.A narcissist is looking for someone who will give him constant attention and emotional validation at any cost.As a therapist, I've seen this seriously damage women's self-esteem and well-being.And over time, I've noticed that narcissists seek certain traits in potential romantic partners.

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If you often put your needs and opinions aside for the sake of avoiding conflict in the relationship, you’ll more easily fall prey to a narcissist who thrives when others provide the empathy and attention they crave.

If I could go back to that time, I would have slowed things down.

I would try to get to know him better before my feelings became overwhelming.

So I spoke with other experts in my field to discuss trends and discovered that there are five common traits a narcissist looks for in a woman. It can be tough to admit, but if you feel insecure about yourself even if you are attractive, put together, and successful, you may be advertising yourself as a great fit for a narcissist.

“Narcissists tend to seek out people that will fill a template for what they believe will make them look good,” says Elizabeth Earnshaw, a trained Gottman Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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