Dating a man who is too nice

There are two sides to every story, and someone who paints themselves as the victim in every break-up they’ve ever had is likely not telling the whole truth.

Communicating via little love notes and occasional check-ins when you’re apart can be an important part of a healthy relationship.

“Or, if he makes cutting or belittling comments and then laughs it off by saying ‘I was only joking! ’ he just may be a jerk in disguise.”“You may be flattered that he wants to spend every free moment with you,” says Hanks.

“But how does he respond when you aren't available?

“If he has a pattern of strained, negative, or disconnected relationships with other women, but claims to adore you, proceed with caution," says Hanks. Failure to express other emotions can be a major warning sign.

“Excessive niceness can be a cover for a lack of a secure sense of self and emotionally neediness,” Hanks says.

Usually the compliments are vague and copy and paste. There usually isn't another motive other than to make the woman feel appreciated. So I to tend to not really pay to much attention to overly nice and being complementary towards me as it's rubbish.

Like you say a comment here and there is nice and I think it's a good thing if it's genuine. For me nice guys do come across desperate and overly keen. I'd love a nice guy but the nice guys I have dated are to overwhelming at the beginning of dating.

I'm a mix of nice, cheeky and take it or leave it on first dates.

A great guy will be able to express disappointment and that he'll miss you.

A jerk in disguise will pout and give you a cold shoulder or a guilt trip for choosing someone else over him.” If he's buying you lavish gifts that totally don't fit your look, there might be reason to question his motives.

If a guy agrees with everything you think, or say, or do, he's either not being genuine or doesn't have a good sense of who he is—and may look to you to prop him up or inflate his self-worth.”This is kind of similar to that advice about never dating a cheater.

“If he's really nice to you, but trash talks all of his past girlfriends and blames them for their breakup, he'll probably talk poorly about you and blame you, too, if things don't work out,” says Hanks.

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