Dating a giant

Whether you love or hate the beard, just know you'll get used to it at some point.The beard crumb checks, the conversations with randoms, and the smell of beard oil just all become part of your daily life.So then I have to go and bat the food out of his face — like a monkey picking lice out of her friend's fur. My boyfriend's face is now twice the size of mine, thanks to his facial fur.I practically need a selfie stick in order to get both of our heads in the same frame for a picture.All of this attention inevitably gives your bearded BF a gigantic ego boost, so even if you hate the facial hair (like I do) you'll quickly realize you don't have much support for beard bashing. Just try snuggling up to a guy with a monstrous beard.If you lay on his chest, hair goes in your eyes, tickles your nose, and, if you're not careful, you'll end up with a mouthful of hair. Being the little spoon is easier, but the beard will then tickle your neck in a way that's not actually sexy at all.

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And they're a unique accessory in that guys can't just go out and buy them. A dude has to spend months and months earning a beard, while his significant other watches as it takes over the his face and her life.

Spitting out gum is also a real challenge, apparently.

My boyfriend has actually employed me as his personal beard assistant and is constantly asking me to check his face for crumbs and there are always crumbs.

It's also fun to show those pictures to people who comment on the beard.

Most of the time they can't believe the dude in the picture is the same one standing in front of them. You have no idea how tempting it is to take scissors and a razor to his face while he snores.

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