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Treated like a naughty little boy and sent to stand in the corner for hours at a time is one VERY humiliating punishment.Forgetting to call her Mistress, answering back, an unauthorised erection or just because she’s in a shitty mood can all lead to you standing in the corner with your face to the wall.

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With their experience and sadistic imagination, the can always come up with different tasks to keep you occupied that will drive you to tears with boredom but of course, you must see it through to the end An over the knee spanking is a staple part of any sub/Domme relationship. See more on our spanking chat rooms here Forcing a male to dress as a woman is a very humiliating thing to do to him.Cleaning might seem tame but under their supervision, it becomes a frightening task for a slave as he worries about not getting to her impossibly high standard.We enjoy giving out sissy and slave tasks so keep checking back for more ideas that we will add in another huge blog post Just a few of the cruel, sadistic things they can say to you.There are a few ways it can be done on webcams This task can be performed with her panties still covering her bum or with her bare cheeks right there for you to plant kisses on.Either way, pucker up because ass worship is something Dommes get off on and you will be on your knees kissing their ass before you know what’s hit you.

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