Cupid dating saskatchewan

I Facebook stalked her because she had a slightly uncommon first name on her profile, and lo and behold, same picture on Facebook!

Messaged her and we've been together ever since!

We met over lunch and he appeared to be a nice person and a good communicator.

Then halfway into my sandwich, he started talking about how he believes aliens are among us and are controlling our minds through electric and electronic signals.

Talked a big game but turned out to be nothing but a drug addict behind the scenes.

Did so much coke one night he burnt a hole through the lining of his nose so that it came out through his skin.

She wanted to hang out one night but i declined and i took off early and wanted to relax.

Turns out we rode on the same bus to get home after work but at different times of the day.

Talks about sex too soon, bad mouths ex, doesnt ask about you, reluctance to meet in person after a few weeks of chatting regularly. Still doesnt guarantee a decent guy, but theres no guarantees wherever you meet.

The strangest meet-up I've had was with a mutual funds broker.

I got comfy, grabbed a brew and sat outside with my aunt and uncle.

As im relaxing i get a pic message from her, it was taken from the back of the bus and it shows me at the front.

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