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then add your info https:// FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR GCAL, CHAT WITH US: So this Fall will be my first semester at CSULA and it’ll also be the first time I receive the State University Grant.I know that this grant replaces my Cal Grant, but I was wondering how I will receive this grant.

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I am interested in attending, but I can't find much about it beyond what their website says, which I expect is pretty biased.

We seek healthy volunteers who: (1) Smoke cigarettes only; or (2) Use e-cigarettes/vape only; or (3) Neither smoke cigarettes nor use e-cigarettes/vape **Those who BOTH smoke cigarettes and use e-cigarettes/vape are NOT eligible for this study** Additional requirements include: - being 21 or older - living in the LA area - willing to answer a survey questionnaire, accessible at: --COMPENSATION IS AVAILABLE-- CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION - Phone: (323)-442-7765 - E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) I want to take two classes. So I am graduating in a couple of weeks with a BA in Sociology.

I'm extremely excited and a tiny bit nervous/anxious. Anyway, if you don't already know, ceremonies were downsized this year due to the venue change (field -- gym).

If anyone could give me some information about the program at all, I would greatly appreciate it!

I am usually a 3.2-3.4 student, but as time progressed this past semester, my grades dropped a bit from a lot of involvement in sports and extracurriculars. But the AFTERPARTY does allow it, you just have to BYOB because for legal reasons, there won't be shared alcohol.

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