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Most of the targeting seems to be for Indians in the US, and not for those living in India.The only event hosted by the app seems to be in Virginia, US.Choices of colors (Black, grey, white, and pink fonts in menu), transitions of buffering icon (heart-shaped buffering icon which zooms in and out), are a result of design that is not detail-oriented.The entire UI elements such as buttons, pop-ups, and layouts look old school.There is very little for both men and women who live in India from this app.Adoption of the app within India is very minimal, and I was able to find only 3 profiles within a 50-mile radius of Bangalore.The dashboard of the product too, shows profiles of users who have last logged in 15 months ago.After several search results, it is obvious that users sign-up to ‘Desi Crush’ but do not seem to be active.

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When it comes to ‘Desicrush’, the joy of use seems to be completely ignored.Upon careful review, we find that ‘Desicrush’ has borrowed the key features from the web interface, and then created a mobile app around the same.There are no native unique experiences built for mobile exclusively.Also, when the entire app ecosystem is transforming to a ‘less is more’ philosophy, ‘Desicrush’ seems to be still stuck in the old world.The app has over 18 menu options, and over 10 features, which are bound to overwhelm the user.

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