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Funny usernames can work but they are going to be hit-or-miss since the cougars you are messaging may not know the context of the name.

If you can tie in one of your more attractive interests that is even better.

Choosing the right username is an often overlooked and underestimated part of the process.

Picking a username that is optimistic, engaging, or interesting is the best way to go here.

If you end up getting a lot of cougar matches that are too far away you can always change the search radius later.

If you have any “deal breakers” for hair color, eye color, or height you can enter them here but I prefer to leave those very broad.

If you are religious or political it is OK to indicate that here but I would shy away from indicating any extreme positions on unless you are absolutely only looking for someone with very similar beliefs.

If that is case, you can also fill out the “Tell us more about your beliefs” box but I would leave it blank otherwise.

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Relationship Status and Kids should both be answered honestly.

Enter your true level of education and where you grew up.

If you have an interesting job you should use the “Tell us more about your job” prompt. You should keep it brief (3-4) sentences and focus on the more exciting parts of your job, how it makes you feel, and how it benefits others.

You have to remember that the primary purpose of your profile should be getting the large number of cougars on to quickly respond to your messages or to proactively message you.

While Match is one of the , you do not want a long profile outlining everything there is to know about you, you want an brief and engaging advertisements that gets her interested and ready to talk to you.

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