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Article 282 of the UAE Civil Code provides that an individual or entity will be responsible for any act by him causing harm to others and that such an act shall be compensated.Such are the broad terms of this article that it could well extend to the negligent or careless disclosure of a third party's confidential information.

Every business holds information it regards as commercially sensitive and confidential.

When an employee gives notice of their resignation to an employer, they is advising the employer that they will cease to work for the employer from a certain date.

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Where the protection of confidential information is involved, any relevant employment contract should impose the following obligations on an employee: (i) to act honestly towards the employer and to use his skill and knowledge in the best interests of the employer; (ii) to disclose to the employer all information relevant to the employer's business; (iii) not to make secret profits from the business; (iv) to respect the confidentiality of the employer's commercial and business information; and (v) not to compete with the business.

These last two obligations should apply both during the employment and, for an appropriate period of time and geographical area in the case of non-competition restrictions, after it ceases.

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