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Keep the following points in mind when you’re hunting for your next BBW playmate: Find the right community for you If online dating is your thing, then you’re in luck – the BBW niche is well-catered for.There’s hundreds of BBW dating apps on the market, but to get the best experience, you need to find the one that works for you.Sending them something like: “Hey, I’m into big girls. If they think you’re only interested in them for their niche features, they’re going to immediately put their guard up against you.Sure, a lot of BBW ladies are fully aware that some guys will want to date them just because they’re curvy, but they don’t want to think that’s all they are to you.

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When you’ve found your community, it’s important to not come across as a creep.

Remember to send genuine, personalized messages to whichever BBW ladies take your fancy. Don’t mention their size or weight You’d be surprised how many guys jump right in to the weight conversation. When you’re dating a BBW, you need to remember that they’re still females at the end of the day, and therefore wanted to be treated as such.

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