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Or perhaps you'll perform home visits, assisting members with safe, effective transitions from care environments to where they live.

You may also act as an intermediary between providers and members - serving in numerous roles, such as educator, evaluator, service coordinator, community resource researcher and more. Fewer hospitalizations, ER visits and costly service gaps; and a less stressed, more effective health care system for us all. Work from your own home and coordinate a visiting schedule that is mutually beneficial to you and the members we serve.

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The left kidney, spleen, or aorta can also be imaged if necessary.

Aided by the computer, a CT Scan is able to put together different “slices” and create a three dimensional view, clearly showing both bone and soft tissues.

Columbus Diagnostic Imaging features the GE CT Brightspeed Elite 16 slice.

This is used to identify certain structures such as the liver, spleen, pancreas or kidneys.

During the injection, the patient may experience a warm sensation throughout the body.

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