Code geass datingsim bothering or intimidating weaker people

The Code Geass formula is now repeated and it's has since lost its sort of relevancy. It's basically up to whether you're willing to put up with the shit parts in exchange for some really amazingly done pieces of storyline.That being said, you don't have to like every thing. If you're not liking it by this point though I would guess that you will be less tolerant of the rest than I was. Its first season is entertaining enough with its fast pacing and interesting tactics, but the second one goes full retard.And the ending is not as good as everyone says in my opinion.

If it turns out you are a teen, my only defense is that the Aughts were a different time. I'll put it on the back burner for now and come back to it if I feel like it, but my expectations are lower now which is good because it means I can focus on other stuff.

I just don't want to waste my time, so I thought I'd come here to see if I would be by continuing. There's too much stuff out there for me right now for me to be wasting time on shows that're just 'good'.

Judging by what people have said though, if I don't love it yet I never will, and that's fine.

I guess my question is, if I'm less than thrilled by Code Geass right now, is that likely to change?

Is it one of those things that needs to be watched in full to appreciate or is it one of those things where if you're not into it you never will be?

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