Coastal speed dating

It is a natural sanctuary for sea and woodland birds, and because of its unusually mild climate daffodils bloom here at Christmas.Cornwall Wildlife Trust run tours out to the island throughout spring and summer, and you can find details about these on their website.A fragment of an amphora (an earthenware storage vessel) from the Eastern Mediterranean, dating from around that time, shows that there were trading links between Looe and the Middle East, although there is no evidence that Christ was left to amuse himself on the island while his uncle went into Looe on business, as local legend claims.There is a medieval chapel on the island, which was dedicated to St Michael, although this was later corrupted to St George.Timing starts when the first pair of towers passed lines up, and it stops when the second pair does the same.

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Other projects of his include Hannafore Road (ahead) and the Hannafore Estate.During the nineteenth century, the pier constructed here to prevent sand from silting up the river was failing to do so, and local engineer and entrepreneur Joseph Thomas designed the banjo pier to address this problem.His solution was so successful that the idea of a banjo pier was adopted elsewhere in the world.The pairs of towers at Talland and on the hillside above Hannafore, marked on the map as landmarks, are a measured nautical mile, used by ships to time their speed.Although advances in technology since they were built have meant that ships can measure their speed electronically, vessels often still use the measured mile as they come out of Plymouth Sound.

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