Circa 50 paper dating

Tibet’s main neighbours, India, Nepal and China had had their own coinage since time immemorial.

We are well informed about this type of gold currency, which was called "gold sho" (Tibetan: gser sho) because officials of finance of the new Tibetan government received tax payments in the form of these small gold ingots.In 1910 the Tibetan government started producing a large range of copper and silver coins of different denominations, and in 1918 to 1921, gold coins were struck. From 1955 to 1959 no more Tibetan coins were created, although banknotes were still being printed, and by 1959 all of the money was gradually being replaced with renminbi yuan (the official currency of the People's Republic of China).In ancient Tibet, the use of coins was insignificant.Tibet also exported medicinal herbs, stag antlers, musk and gold to China, and apart from tea, the Tibetan traders imported silk cloth, porcelain and silver from China.The trade volume with Tibet's southern neighbours, India, Nepal and Bhutan, was much smaller.

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