Chatting with webcam cheerleaders

(Shows it to Tori) Tori: (Sniffing) I think it might be pineapple...

Jade: (referring to Ally) You didn't tell me she was nine!

Tori: No Sinjin I have the worlds longest internet cable hanging out the window!

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Robbie tries to join again, but the group denies him. The episode ends with Trina chasing Perez down the aisle and Tori getting up from her seat to go after her sister. (Trina comes back from the first class bathroom excitingly, pushes her way through, and shows her rear again) Beck: Aah! Tori: (to Trina) Will you stop wiggling your butt in my friends' faces! Sinjin appears and chats with them until Jade realizes that Sinjin is in her house, making him run away. Once André's grandma comes in, she sees the web cam and destroys the computer with a baseball bat, leaving Beck and Tori with the project.

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