Natural gas is even used for the heat generation basically for desalination.Similarly, the projects have been extensively set up to capture the methane gas that is being discharged by some landfills and in turn lead to the generation of electricity.In fertilizer production the major feedstock for ammonia production via process of Haber is natural gas.Natural gas is even widely used as an optimum option to produce hydrogen by the hydrogen reformer method.In addition, it produces lesser carbon dioxide in relation to the energy that is released per unit.

Last but not least natural gas is found to be quite cost effective and European Union is considered as the largest natural gas importers.The actress is also a model and holds the No.5 position in the top searched Indian actresses on the Internet. Amitabh Bachchan Holding the title of the “angry young man” in the 1970’s, the 6ft 2inch hero holds the No.1 position on among Bollywood actors.His era of popularity started from the film Zanjeer (1973) and the string continued with the release of Deewar and the most popular Sholay.Natural gas is even a green house gas that is being emitted in lesser quantities as compared to the carbon dioxide.It is being estimated that the residence lifetime of natural gas in atmosphere is 12 years which is very minute in relation to carbon dioxide which is for 100 to 500 years.

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