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A chronological listing of all known literary and theatrical productions inspired by Rush, as well as all known occurences of Rush references in pop culture excluding references made during talkshows, gameshows, sporting events, news programs, etc., as they are too numerous to list.Defenders #45, by Marvel Comics, March 1977 Published less than a year following the release of 2112, this comic is vaguely drawn from the album's with a pro-individual, anti-collectivist theme.Teachers, the movie, October 5, 1984 Three minutes before the end, as the school is evacuating during a fire alarm, Ralph Macchio asks Nick Nolte "So are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?

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The next thing I knew was when I showed up at a Rush show, only to get an earful from the band about the use of their shot on the Rainbow cover. But of course I couldn't do a thing about it by then.

Without Rush's knowledge, the photo of a crowd holding a Rush starman banner was mirrored and airbrushed to read "Long Live Rock 'N Roll" and printed on the album's inside gatefold.

The original Rush photo has been included in various Rush media, such as The Words And The Pictures, Vol.

VI, Xanadu, The Body Electric, Working Man, Hemispheres Pt. Mach Rider, the video game, October 18, 1985 2112 sighting: the game takes place in the year 2112, and Earth is being invaded ("we have assumed control? First released on October 18, 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as one of the 18 initial launch games, in July 2007 a modified version was released on the Wii's Virtual Console.

1986, the television news program, June 10 - December 30, 1986 This American television news program anchored by Roger Mudd and Connie Chung used "Mystic Rhythms" as its theme music.

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