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Typical Userplane customers are dating and social networking sites (any site that has users who would like to interact and/or create profiles that include audio/video content).

The applications are polished, intuitive and fun to use.

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The products are deployed on the flash platform and non-userplane branded.I also wonder if you're referring to the Gay Historical Photos group that got deleted several times by Yahoo before finding its home on Google?If so, it's the one I mention quite often: I couldn't sign up to zavarot even if I wanted to - my lack of Russian wouldn't enable me to.I don't understand Russian, but I gather there's some sort of membership category. It's curious that the military examiners did require the recruits to strip naked and stay that way - usually they allowed them to keep on their shorts.I wonder if the crossed legs of the guy who's staring might be his unconscious way of saying "I can't compare"?!

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