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For example, use CCur to force currency arithmetic in cases where single-precision, double-precision, or integer arithmetic normally would occur.

You should use the data-type conversion functions instead of Val to provide internationally aware conversions from one data type to another.

Any fractional part of the number is converted to a time of day, starting at midnight.

CDate recognizes date formats according to the locale setting of your system.

My Long2 = CLng(My Val2) ' My Long2 contains 25428.

Dim My Double1, My Double2, My Single1, My Single2 ' My Double1, My Double2 are Doubles.

The correct order of day, month, and year may not be determined if it is provided in a format other than one of the recognized date settings.

In addition, a long date format is not recognized if it also contains the day-of-the-week string.

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For numbers with 28 decimal places, the range is 7.9228162514264337593543950335.

The smallest possible non-zero number is 0.0000000000000000000000000001.

Note Conversion functions must be used to explicitly assign Long Long (including Long Ptr on 64-bit platforms) to smaller integral types.

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