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Usually two reasons for the objection are given: 1) things that anyone holds sacred should not be profaned, mocked or ridiculed by anyone else, even by one who does not consider them sacred; and 2) the person who is revealing the secrets usually is someone who obtained the secrets only by swearing an oath of secrecy, and thus is breaking an oath.As to the first objection, this article does not "mock" or "ridicule" the secrets of the Mormon temple; it merely reveals them.

Many devout Mormons know that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other early leaders of the Church were Masons.

Eternal families The Second Anointing Temple ceremony video Responses by the LDS Church Critics' summary Editor's comments Links The temple ceremony is one of the most important ancient ordinances restored by Joseph Smith.

The washing, anointing and endowment ceremonies are necessary ordinances for exaltation.

Many members feel that requiring an entrance fee (in the form of tithing) to get to God's greatest reward is not in keeping with Christ's atoning sacrifice being a free gift to all.

Early in 2012, some of the Mormon Think editors elected to remove the Temple section from our website in an effort to appease some Latter-day Saints who expressed their reluctance to have any sort of public discussion on any aspect of the temple.

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