Cams house life

If you remove the solar panel, the camera will run strictly on battery.

After testing the solar panel for 11 days, I decided to test the camera’s battery.

They are all weatherproof, offer night vision, and FHD video.

The camera can record in FHD 1080p but doing so will impact your battery life.

The Spotlight Cam Solar Panel is unique to the Spotlight Cam.

Though Ring sells other solar panels, like one that charges the Ring Stick Up Cam, the Spotlight Solar Panel only works with the Spotlight Cam.

The battery is a requirement for running Ring Spotlight Solar.

You can extend this by adjusting your motion sensitivity and the camera’s resolution, but the best way to extend the battery life is to add another battery.

The camera ships with one battery, but you can add another.

Ring states that with “average use” the camera should last six months on one battery. After two weeks of fairly heavy use, my battery level fell from 100% to 59%.

With average use, the battery lasted just shy of two months.

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