The gameplay typically involves racing against other players or against the computer, on either a racing circuit or an off-road racing track.

Race them, jump them, drive them of cliffs, use them to pull of daring bank heists, fit them out with badass guns, or generally cause car-nage to your fellow drivers…

It's Yoongi's very first Christmas with Hoseok and he isn't very excited about if. It would be the first Christmas he was celebrating with Hoseok but he doesn’t think it would be any different to all the other years.

But Hoseok is full of Christmas cheer and he wants to show Yoongi just how special Christmas can be..snuggles under the christmas tree. But Hoseok on the other hand was very excited to show his little cat hybrid just what a proper jolly Christmas should be.“It’s gonna be the best Christmas you ever had”, he proudly declared to Yoongi.“ said that about Halloween too, you liar.” Yoongi accuses and pouts.“Hey, how was I supposed to know you were afraid of pumpkins?

Or if strategy games are your thing, how about managing your own taxi firm as it tries to make a profit while not annoying too many customers? You can drive pick-up trucks, police cars, toy cars, grand-prix racing cars, cartoon cars, Mario-style carts, dune buggies, and more.

If it’s got a wheels and you can drive it, there’s almost guaranteed to be a game about it!

these exciting car games prove that strapping on your seatbelt and getting behind a wheel is FUN!

They let you practice and show off your driving skills.

Now lemme go back to bed you terrible terrible man. ” Hoseok cheers and points to their Christmas tree. (okay maybe the time Hoseok took him in counts as well but this takes second place for sure).“Can.I open one?

Car games are games that let the player take place behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle.

Most of them are 3D, but many 2D car games also exist.

He looks uncertainly at Hoseok and receives a warm smile and a gentle push toward the tree. They’re for you.”Yoongi doesn’t need to be told twice and Hoseok watches fondly as the hybrid begins opening his gifts.

He takes care not to rip the gift wrapping, gently opening it at the corners and slowly unfolding it from around the boxes.“Hey! ” He says happily as he examines his new neck-pillow.

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