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Like so many children, I lived in a fantasy world and had complete freedom to dream and explore, so it is easy for me to romanticize it.Some of my first memories were of animals giving birth, and of taking the animals — ones that we had given names to to the slaughterhouse.Erratic Phenomena: Tell me a bit about your early childhood on a goat farm in Russellville, Arkansas.

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My mother, in particular, was a gifted artist, but unfortunately she didn’t have time to pursue her talents.Mark Ryden speaks of recapturing the state of childhood in which we see "a world ensouled," when it feels as if we have a direct connection to the life force of the universe.Is that sense of wonder something you can still access when you need to?Though some of our fondest thoughts took place on the farm, it was also unbearably difficult and traumatic at times, because of the rising cost of feed and utilities.We were poor, and there was just too much for my parents to do, working full-time jobs and taking care of 350 goats, horses, pigs, three kids, etc.

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