C validating a credit card number

If you cannot reasonably come up with the money to settle the debt, or make payments after reaching agreeable terms, look to bankruptcy to stop a bank levy, wage garnishment or lien on property. I highly recommend anyone with a judgment, that needs to be resolved in order to buy or refinance your home, to watch this video interview I had with a former debt collector: https://youtube/Qpd Dks73QUw It is always best to put a plan together to address delinquent debts before a judgment becomes the concern and you are forced into crisis mode.If you have other debts, you can still put a plan together that includes resolving the judgment too, but it is important to not waste any time in doing so. About Michael Bovee Michael started CRN in 2004 with a mission to provide people in need with detailed debt and credit help and education. CRN does assist in settling debts like credit cards where there was a lawsuit and then a judgment entered against you.

I agreed to pay 0/month and made like 8 or 9 payments.

Years later (about 2 years ago) I got served to go to court for this debt that Midland Funding had purchased.

They had an attorney named Mark Johnson and they said that they money owed now was like 00.

Most states allow for a judgment to be renewed prior to expiration.

For many, this is a ten year time line and renewal allows for an additional 10 years. Identify all resources you can tap to fund a settlement offer or payment plan successfully.

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